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Published: 20.10.2021

Different UAE tours and expeditions will give you unforgettable experiences. For example, trips to the main landmarks and buildings of the cities, or shopping expeditions to the markets and malls. Boat trips are also popular, such as the famous traditional wooden dhow cruise on Dubai Creek, complete with a tasting of Arabic specialities. Equally exciting are Bedouin expeditions into the desert, complete with stargazing and the chance to stay overnight in Bedouin tents. Another journey through the desert in off-road jeeps, the Desert Safari, will reveal the incredible beauty of the UAE's sand dunes, which at the end of the day are tinged with the setting sun.

ou'll experience cultural Arab traditions on trips outside the UAE's big cities to smaller villages where you'll get a better understanding of traditional ways of life, different crafts and natural attractions. From Dubai, it's common to head to Hatta - a border town with Oman, nestled at the foot of the Hajar Mountains and surrounded by beautiful countryside. Hatta's original appearance has been carefully restored and declared a national monument.

From Abu Dhabi, there is an equally interesting trip to the Liwi area, where the largest oases of historical importance are found among the desert dunes, or by highway to the university town of Al Ain, 160 km away, whose name means spring. It is already on the border with Oman and, thanks to the abundance of water, has abundant green vegetation and palm groves. There are many important historical sites to see. Shopping and entertainment are not left behind either. Great tips for other interesting excursions are the Ain al-Faidah lake, about 15 km away, the Buriami oasis, which extends into Oman, or the Jebel Hafit mountain, where tombs up to 5,000 years old and fossils from prehistoric times have been found.

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