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Health and medical care in UAE

The UAE doesn't constitute a significant risk. Caution, however,you should pay while staying in the sun, because sun in this areas is very sharp, even in areas with higher air flow. The breeze cools the body, so you can easily forget on proper protection.

Protect your body with the high sun protection factor cremes, wear a hat and good quality sunglasses. Carefully follow the drinking regime. Health problems could also cause frequent transitions from highly air-conditioned space to an outdoor environment, where the temperature is extremely different during the summer. It is recommended not to set the air conditioning in hotel rooms at very low temperature.

Caution should also be paid out of the city, where can be animals like snakes and scorpions, or swimming in the sea, where it's not advisable to touch an unfamiliar animals which can burn or cause you any other injuries. As for hygiene do not worry about the infection from food and drinks in UAE. It's recommended to drink bottled water, when you travel out of the city.

Vaccination is just recommended, not really necessary and it is against hepatitis A and B, tetanus and rabies. If you decide to get any of recommended vaccinations, it needs to be undergo at least 8 weeks before departure to UAE. You can consult this question with your physician or directly in vaccine centre in your country.In the case of health complications in the UAE are available to you quality private health care facilities, which predominate.

Medical care for the citizens of Czech republic it's not for free and price for medical care is relatively high. Therefore it pays to have good quality travel insurance. The price for routine examination is about 100 AED, furthermore the price depends on the performed medical service and drugs prescription.

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