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How to spend time in UAE

There are countless of opportunities how to spend time in UAE, either relaxing on the white beaches with silky sand or actively, running some sports or tourist trips to surrounding attractions and natural beauties. The UAE are real paradise for all of sports activities. There’s a choice of many traditional and nontraditional sports, which are mediated by both hotels and private agencies. Hotels standing beside the sea provides excellent facilities for various water sports like surfing, water skiing, cruising on a sailboat and motorboat. Diving is very popular, because undersea world hides real wealth.


Traditional sports and activities in the UAE are camel racing and falconry. Riding a camel you can try yourself there, this activity is normally available for tourists. Very popular is also golf, for which there are excellent conditions for fans of this sport we can mention very prestigious golf tournament of elite golf’s players, organized in Dubai, named Desert Classing PGA. Top golf course is being seen in right in Dubai and was designed by American architect Karl Litten. Also an adjacent building occupied by golf and yacht club is very remarkable. Its significant feature of three giant concrete sailboats are billowing into the sky. Sailing is actually another popular sport here.

We can undoubtedly include skiing in the sand among the most exotic sports for foreigners. Some ski enthusiasts flock even 50 meters high dunes, which sometimes can be very dangerous indeed, like skiing on snow. And because in Emirates is almost everything possible, you can enjoy snow and winter sports in a sheltered resort in Dubai in The Mall of Emirates. You can even try the ice skating track - Ice Rinks - in the UAE hotels and amusement parks. UAE boasts beautiful beaches, with soft snow-white sand, palm trees and equipment for your absolute comfort. Popular beaches are mainly on the east coast of the UAE, or the area between Abu Dhabi and Ras al Khaimah on the West Coast. Majority of beaches has lot of fun and activities prepared for children, for example in water parks (Wild Wadi Park Dubai), amusement parks or windsurfing. Children also have the opportunity to try riding on camel or visit one museum devoted to undersea world. Very interesting thing in the largest Emirate of Abu Dhabi is beach designed exclusively for women, where women are hidden from curios eyes behind a high wall.


The most famous beach in Dubai is Jumeirah Beach, which is also considered the most beautiful beach in UAE. There are luxury hotels built along the many kilometers of beaches, which provide all the comfort and sports activities. Another fantastic many kilometers long stretch of beaches is also located south of the city of Sharjah, the capital of the Emirate of the same name and offers excellent conditions for swimming and relaxation.


Unforgettable experience will bring you differently focused tours and expeditions in UAE. For example trips to the main monuments and buildings of the cities, or shopping expeditions to the marketplaces and business centers. Very popular are also boat trips, for example cruise through the Gulf of Dubai, traditional wooden boat called dhow over the Dubai Gulf with tasting specialities of Arab cuisine.Equally exciting are expeditions into the desert to visit Bedouins, also connected with observation of the stars and the possibility of spending the night in Bedouin tents. Another way into the desert is in off-road jeeps,it’s called Desert Safari, where you can explore incredible beauty of sand dunes, which are colored by the setting sun at the end of the day.

Arab cultural traditions you get to know better in smaller villages rather then in big cities,you can see much more of traditional way of life, different crafts and natural beauties. From Dubai tourists often go out of city to Hatta, border town with Oman, which lies at the foot of the Hajar Mountains and it’s surrounded with beautiful countryside. Hatta town’s original form has been carefully restored and declared a national monument.

Another interesting excursion is offered from Abu Dhabi to Liwi neighborhood,where among the dunes are the largest desert oasis of historical interest, or you can go to 160 km distant university city of Al Ain, whose name means spring. It lies on the border with Oman and thanks to the sufficient inventory of water is rich in green vegetation and palm. There are many important historical sightseeings. Either shopping or entertaining don’t stay behind. Great tips for other interesting places are only about 15 km away to the lake of Ain al-Faidah, Oasis Buriami, which extends to the territory of Oman or Jebel Hafit Mountain, where ancient tombs -up to 5000years old- have been found and the fossils of prehistoric times.

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