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UAE - local cuisine

The cuisine is very diverse in the UAE. It’s no wonder,when over 100 different nationalities live here. Largest selection of delicious meals is in the hotel’s luxurious restaurants, where breakfast in the morning offers you a few courses, served by buffet style. You’ll find here many kinds of fruit and freshly squeezed fruit juices. Breakfast also includes dried dates and figs or cereal dishes like various types of roasted flakes or porridge. For those, who do not like sweet they’ve got several kinds of cheese, egg dishes and sausages. In UAE also serve Arabic food like Bahar, ful medammes or hummus. In these restaurants you can choose any varied of delicatessen from all around the world and some of the restaurants are directly focused and specialized on specific countries.Hotels also organize various theme nights or days, which are devoted to specific countries including its culinary specialities.

If you want to get in touch with real Arab cuisine, the best you can do is to visit one of the small restaurants downtown. Besides of the fast foods, which are represented elsewhere in the world, you can see here many restaurants, most of them belong to Pakistanis, Indians, Lebanese or Iranians. Definitely do not be afraid to taste the local specialities in small stands. Hygiene conditions are guarded and on a good level. The main ingredients of traditional Arabic dishes is fish meat, camel meat and milk, dries dates and indispensable is the spice over it’s variety you wonder at some of the Spice Souq. Smell of cardamom, cumin, ginger, cloves, crushed pepper, nutmeg, saffron and many other spreads over the little streets of marketplace. Spice tradition goes back to ancient times of King Solomon and spice, along with gems and precious treasures wandered with caravans, was considered a great fortune.

Spices in the UAE

Local chefs are true masters in achieving just the right flavor for every each of meal by using all kinds of spices. Essential spices and herbs are used in the preparation of fish and meat or for baking various kinds of sweet and savory pastries. They add the juice from orange blossoms and oil from bitter almonds. Salads and vegetable will taste great due to herbs and spices. Popular artichoke puree they flavor with saffron and nutmeg, cauliflower with garlic and sesame paste, seafood salad gets the taste with a balanced ratio of fresh ginger, pepper and lemon peel.Spicy flavor of meat is obtained by adding saffron, coriander and garlic, which is sometimes replaced by the more aromatic musks and amber.

Meat used in the UAE

In terms of meat in UAE is on the menu lamb, kid, poultry or beef. Meat is usually prepared by grilling and cooking, served with various sauces and vegetable. On top of that is very common to add vinegar with fennel, asparagus, pumpkins or cauliflower. According to Islamic tradition is obtaining the meat controlled by strict rules. The animal has to be killed just by slitting it’s throat and let it bleed to death. Pork, which is prohibited by Islamic tradition is prepared only in larger hotels and restaurants for tourists and on the menu is carefully marked.

Drinks in the UAE

As a main drink with meal is usually served plain water, which is due to spiciness of food and local temperatures suitable the most. Besides of the Emirate of Sharjah, where alcohol is absolutely prohibited, it’s possible to order a glass of wine or other alcoholic drinks, we talk especially about larger restaurants and hotels. Traditional drink in UAE is strong coffee, which began to grow on Arabian Peninsula in Yemen in 14th century, Arabs like to enjoy it together with water pipe, for example in one of the local cafe’s called "Sheesha Shops". Also the tea imported from China has become the national drink.

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