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Visa to United Arab Emirates

Tourist UAE visa

Validity of this UAE visa is 60 days before arrival to UAE, duration of stay is 30 days. This visa can be prolong for another 30 days. When leaving United Arab Emirates another entrance is possible after 30 days.

Service UAE visa

Validity of this UAE visa is 14 days before arrival to UAE, length of stay is 16 days. This visa cannot be prolong. When leaving United Arab Emirates, another entrance is possible immediately.


UAE visa - information

For Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania etc. are required UAE visas to enter to United Arab Emirates. The UAE visa has to be required before the entrance to the country by a sponsor for the visit. The sponsor normally applies for the UAE visa on your behalf. The validity of the UAE visa is different by the type.

Newly also citizens of Canada need to do their UAE visa to enter the United Arab Emirates. We are able to the their UAE visa on same conditions.

Our Travel Agency Sinimar Tour s.r.o. is capable to do the UAE visa for most of the mentioned countries in Middle and East Europe and also most of the countries in Asia. The exception for UAE visa is for citizens of Iraq, Yemen and Somalia. The procedure is much more complicated, for further information please contact Sinimar Tour. In past few years there is exception for UAE visa also for citizens of Israel and Palestina.

The most common types of UAE visas:

Type Validity before arrival Length of stay Prolonging Repeated entrance
Tourist visa 60 days 30 days for more 30 days after 30 days
Service visa 14 days 16 days no immediately

For the UAE visa request is normally required:

  • copy of the passport + personal photo
  • form
  • copy of the return ticket
  • other documents, saying that client has no intentions to work illegally in United Arab Emirates
  • There are no legal rights to obtain the visa!

With Sinimar Tour - we require only copy of your passport!!! - it is because we are official partner with the immigration and we are connected online to the immigration system. Since now not even one UAE visa application done by our travel agency was refused!

Normally you send us copy of your passport (open at the photo page) in readable quality (size of the file max. 250 kB) best in .jpg format to our email: sinimar@sinimar.eu or czech.office@sinimar.ae.
After the UAE visa is done (normally 5 working days), we send you the copy to your email.You need to print this copy and carry it with you. This copy is checked by the airlines before your departure - without it they may refuse to give you your air ticket. After your arrival to United Arab Emirates (most likely Dubai or Abu Dhabi) you will show the UAE visa copy to the immigration officer at the counter. Because of the barcode at the visa the immigration officer will immediately check your UAE visa in the system, he will give you entrance stamp and the procedure ends.

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