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Other important notice and advices

UAE is a country with relatively liberal approach to promote the principles of Islam. There’s allowed to watch satellite TV, a typical European way of dressing is accepted for women. However you don’t come across to buy alcohol in the normal shops, it’s consumption is only possible in private or in bars and restaurants of hotels. Alcoholic drinks can be purchased in limited quantities only in specialized stores, where you have to submit time-limited license (which is issued only to those non-Muslims with the consent of the sponsor and acknowledgment of their monthly income) or at the airport in the UAE in duty free shops.

Because of the high intensity of solar radiation in the UAE is necessary to use cosmetic products with a high factor protection and quality sunglasses. Swimming in the sea can be recommended just on the protected beaches.

All tourist services (accommodation,dining, cultural activities and sports) in the UAE have a high level. A wide selection of goods from around the world offers in shops with a daily service until late night hours. A holiday in this beautiful Asian country requires substantial financial resources when it’s not mediated by a travel agency. The security situation in the UAE, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech republic very stable. There’s no need to worry about minor crime even in the late night hours. The offense is charged with tough and uncompromising sanctions. There’s a risk of cutting off thieves‘ hands, for a violent act threatens a death penalty for example by stoning, high penalties are assessed to drug smugglers and disseminators of pornography. After the offenses committed by a foreigner follows deportation from country.

There’s no need to worry about infection from food while respecting the basic rules of hygiene.

However it’s better to drink bottled water.

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