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Enjoy amazing traditional cruise along the coast on board Musandam classic Omani Dhow boat. During the cruise you can enjoy views of the beautiful scenery while you enjoy Arab hospitality, which will prepare the crew of the ship. Relax on the ship's deck, sunbathe or you can even dive in the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean.
After lunch, the buffet you will have plenty of time for further relaxation, sunbathing and diving in the coral reefs.
Musandam is due to its geographical position and mountainous terrain isolated from the rest of Oman and the region developed its own pace. The beauty Musandamu - fjords, rocky cliffs stretching into the sea and caves can be best enjoyed from the sea.
The main town is Khasab Musandam (fertility), thanks to the fertile soil and lots of fish, which is one of the main components of the diet. For fans of history for the Peninsula many ancient settlements, prehistoric tombs and rock engravings.

Price: 82 USD  [person/trip]
Enjoy a romantic dinner in a traditional Arabic Dhow that glides smoothly and quietly on the surface along the bay under a starry moonlit sky.
Home Dubai icons shining under the moonlight, past and contemporary architecture in this time of day absolutely amazing.
Dinner on the wooden rowboat gives you the chance to experience all-round. While you will enjoy a delicious dinner of several courses, the atmosphere will create live traditional Arabic music. From the windows you can watch the beautifully lit along the coast of Dubai Creek, with all the monumental buildings. With this experience you will see Dubai again from a different perspective.
This experience is suitable for couples, families with children, there is the possibility of organizing large corporate events or celebrations. This site gives all these events a touch of exoticism and romance.

Price: 38 USD  [person/trip]
Enjoy a romantic dinner aboard this luxury glass vessel, when the dinner slowly sail the waters of the Dubai Channel (Dubai Creek), and see both sides of Dubai - old and new - again from a different perspective.
Sailing at the closed, glazed and air conditioned vessel, known as the Paris original Bateux is truly a unique experience. Guests during this slow cruise enjoy freshly prepared gourmet menus with several courses in which it will enjoy live music and the atmosphere is intimate lighting and a great staff that is always at hand, while they can admire the most important monuments and buildings along both sides of Dubai Creek.
This elegant ship also offers an ideal and also unusual place for holding various events for both private as corporate purposes.

Price: 135 USD  [person/trip]
Arabian Gulf is perfect for a romantic and unforgettable trip of your life in the heart of Dubai! We will sail around the Dubai Creek, for example, World Islands, Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. If you wish, we settled on one place, and enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling or just freshen up in comfortable and clean water.

Relax and admire the beauty of the Dubai coastline with friends or family on board a luxury yacht, relax from the noisy and hectic city life and enjoy the rock on the sea waves.
Caring for you will be qualified crew who will prepare delicious meals and there have of course drinks.
Try a touch of luxury at one of our unique private yachts.

Price: 516 USD  [Boat/hour]
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