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Recommendations to travel and stay in the UAE

By the long experiences with the Emirates we can provide our recommendations for the most of your questions and situations. If you can not find an answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.

Frequently asked questions about the UAE - FAQ

Is it possible to communicate in English in the UAE?

  • Official language in the UAE is Arabic, however you can speak English anywhere in the UAE
  • All notices and labels in the UAE are written bilingually (Arabic and English)
  • There are published three daily newspaper written in English in the Emirates
  • There are available most of international satellite channels in English in the UAE
  • All tourist publications in the UAE are available in English

What's the currency in the Emirates?

  • The local currency is the UAE Dirham (DHS), it is made of 100 fils, you can also find the deignation of AED
  • UAE Dirham is fixed stable rate to U.S. dollar
  • The current rate is 1 EURO = 4,50 DHS
  • DHS can be replaced in the UAE in exchange offices or hotels, but hotels in UAE are using disadvantageous exchange rates. Cash can be also withdrawn in the UAE in many ATMs (you can find at every step), but keep on mind, that banks will charge you high fee
  • Best is to take with you to the UAE U.S. dollars and then exchange them and use the credit or debit card for the payments. With the credit or debit card you can pay in the UAE really everywhere - your bank in this case can not charge you any other fee and also converts your payment in the DHS in average rate.

Is it safe to eat and drink in the UAE?

  • The level of hygiene in the UAE and especially in Dubai is at high level.
  • Dubai government is very consistent to ensure compliance with hygiene rules in all restaurants, hotels and shops. This concerns water and all foodstuffs. The regulations in the UAE are very strict and the penalties for the failure are very high.
  • No businessman can allow to abide by these rules.
  • Therefore foods and drinks purchased on the street in Dubai are fresh and safe. Drinking tap water in the UAE is safe, but you can drink bottled water- It's easy to buy and very cheap.

What is the line voltage in the UAE?

  • The line voltage in the UAE is 220/240 V. Electric sockets and plugs appliances in Emirates are compliant with UK norm.
  • For connecting your appliance in the UAE we rommend the travel adapter
  • Hotels in Emirates commonly provide these adapters fot their clients free of charge
  • If you will not find the adapter in drawer in a room, contact the reception at your hotel.

Do I need vaccination to travel to the UAE?

  • To the travel in the UAE you don't need any special vaccination
  • In Dubai is high level of hygiene, quality health care and well equipped hospitals
  • It's highly desirable that passangers that are traveling to Emirates have adequate health insurance
  • Western medicaments are in the UAE commonly available

What is the dress code in UAE?

  • Emirates and especially Dubai has many opportunities so-called prescribed Dress Code
  • All offices in the UAE and also most good business addresses expects so-called Official Business or Business casual dress code, this is a suit or jeans with a shirt or t-shirt with a collar and long sleeves, alternatively jacket, closed shoes. In any case, long pants!
  • If you violate this dress codeyou may not be admitted into the building!
  • In public places in the UAE such as streets, stores and restaurants must be pants and skirts of reasonable lenght
  • Moreover, clothing shall not indecently expose parts of the body, be transparnt, or display obscene or offensive pictures and slogans
  • If you go to the beach (man and woman), you must have a conservative swimsuit which are acceptable to cultural practices in Dubai and the Emirates
  • Apart from the beach you can't wear the swimsuit (with the exception of hotel beaches)
  • Nudity is strictly forbidden in the UAE and can be punished in extreme cases by deportation
  • Please note that the customs and standards in this direction is in each Emirate significantly different
  • Dubai is in this direction very liberal. Respect please the local culture and customs
  • The neighboring Sharjah is on the contary most conservative of all Emirates, where is even bannes alcohol and smoking of shisha in hotels

What are the customs limits for import to Dubai?

  • Alcohol may be imported into Dubai only by non-Muslims
  • At the airport in Dubai is a limit 2 l. of wine and 2 l. spirit
  • It's allowed to bring 400 cigarettes or 1/2 kg tobacco or 50 cigars
  • Adequate volume of parfumes
  • These restrictions apply to exports and imports
  • If you need more volume of listed items, you can buy them in Duty Free on arrival in Dubai
  • So you can import the permitted amount and buy in Duty Free at the airport in Dubai
  • Goods purchased in Duty Free at Dubai airport is NOT INCLUDED in the limits!

Can I smoke in the UAE in public?

  • In Emirates is smoking in public strictly prohibited but there are many designated areas
  • In Dubai is smoking possible only in designated and marked areas
  • In Sharjah is prohibited smoking of shisha

Is alcohol in UAE available?

  • Buying and selling alcohol in Emirates is strictly controlled and regulated by law
  • Alcohol is in the UAE sold trough stores with special license
  • Buying alcohol can only persons, who are holding a special permit
  • Alcohol for immediate consumption is sold in most hotels in the UAE
  • If you bring your own alcohol to the UAE, do not drink or carry bottles in public
  • Respect local culture and regulations in Emirates
  • In Sharjah is alcohol prohibited totally

Can I use my cell phone in the UAE?

  • Residents of the UAE and Dubai especially love theirs
  • Coverage of mobile networks is in Emirates at the highest level
  • In the UAE you can use international roaming
  • If you need to be during your stay in connection we recommend use of local operators
  • You can also use SIM card world roaming WorldSim
  • In both cases you save up to 80% of roaming charges in the UAE for the incoming and outgoing calls
  • Internet connections in the UAE is available in most restaurants, hotels, public places, metro and shopping centers

Is it safe in Emirates?

  • Dubai is a city with very low criminal rate
  • In Emirates you can safely walk anywhere, even at night
  • To ensure excellent service by the police was in Dubai established a special office for the safety of tourists - Department of Tourist Security
  • This makes Dubai the one of the safest places in the whole Middle East

What's the level of social ethics in the UAE?

  • Dubai is characterized by very liberal mutual coexistence of large number of cultures. On the other hand, the government shall ensure respect for the culture, customs and traditions of the Emirates. Citizens of Dubai to be respected by using a kind of behavior. It should be avoided in the Emirates all kinds of inappropriate behavior.

Symbols of state in the UAE

  • It's the duty of every citizen, resident, visitor in the Emirates, demonstrate respect for the symbols in the UAE (ruler, flag, state). Misuse of any of these symbols in the UAE is a crime an punished by law.

Public displays of affection in the UAE

  • Displays of affection among couples - whether married or not - in public places in the UAE does not fit the local customs and culture. Holding hands for a married couple is tolerated but kissing and petting are considered an offense to public decency. Public displays of affection, as well as sexual harassment or randomly adressing women in public places, are liable to punished in the UAE by imprisonment or deportation.

Dance and music in the UAE

  • Loud music and dance in public places such as beaches, parks or residential areas is prohibited in the UAE. Such activites may be operated in the UAE only in places with licenses.

Substance abuse in the UAE

  • Alcohol, like all other drugs or psychotropic substances are strictly forbidden in islam and punished very severely. Given the great diversity of cultures and nationalities in Dubai and other Emirates alcohol is strictly regulated.

Drugs in the UAE

  • Possession, consumption, buying or selling any drugs in a any quantity - as well as positive drug teting by the UAE authoriteies is considered a criminall offense. In this case, you are in the UAE immediately arrested and sentenced to long prison without the possibility of extradition to the homeland.

Alcohol in the UAE

  • Alcohol consuption in the UAE is limited to their seats (restaurant license). If you were caught in the UAE under the influence of alcohol outside of those places you can get a fine or you can be in the UAE arrested. UAE has adopted a policy of zero tolerance regarding the managment of cars under the influence of alcohol. If you are caught in the UAE when driving with the smallest dose of alcohol can lead to fines, imprisonment or deportation.

Imports od certain prescription drugs to the UAE

  • Some medicines containing psychotropic substances are banned in the UAE. Their holders must have a prescription from a doctor licensed UAE.

Abusive behavior in the UAE

  • Insults, bad language, blasphemy and all kinds of profanity is strictly prohibited in Dubai.
  • In the event of a complaint can be in the UAE for such behavior punished.
  • All kinds of aggressive or offensive gestures in the UAE are considered a ilegal public act and subject to fine or jail

Photography in the UAE

  • Shooting people in the UAE - and especially photographs of woman an their childern in public places should not be done without their consent
  • Shooting people in the culture of the UAE is a sensitive issue

Littering and spitting in the UAE

  • Spitting in public, littering and cigarette butts in public areas in the UAE is considered a crime and and are strictly penalized

Ramadan in the UAE

  • During the Holy month of Ramadan, Muslims in the UAE from dawn to dusk are fasting. Eat, drink and smoke in public places in broad daylight in the UAE is considered a criminal offense and punishable by public law.


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