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UAE online visa

Tourist Visa UAE

Tourist UAE visa

Price: 225$
Validity of this UAE visa is 60 days before arrival to UAE, duration of stay is 30 days. This visa cannot be extended. When leaving United Arab Emirates another entrance is possible after 30 days. 

Service Visa UAE

Hotel visa UAE

Price:   85$/visa with Hotel 4 * or 5 *
Price: 145$/visa with the hotel 3 * and less

To obtain the cheapest visa to the UAE is required order hotel of the above mentioned categories at least for 3 nights. Make a non-obligatory inquiry for hotel from Sinimar and you will find that our prices are better than other internet booking portals, which reduce prices by offering accommodation excluding of breakfast and taxes.
Our prices always include full buffet breakfast and all taxes!

Hotel visa is a Tourist visa is applied by the hotel. The validity of this visa is 60 days before entry to the UAE, length of stay in the UAE is 30 days.
This visa also can not be extended!

To apply for a hotel visa only copies of your passport is required without any lengthy questionnaires.

I want the hotel's visa to the UAE

Transit Visa UAE

Transit UAE visa

Price: 160$
For 8 to 96 hours stay in Dubai only. You can apply online including sending a valid air ticket. You must arrive in Dubai from one destination and departure from Dubai to different destination.
Includes Marhaba services (assistance when passing through airport and immigration) on arrival and departure.

UAE visa - information

All travelers to UAE have to arrange entry visa. There is different policy of issuing UAE visa depending on the nationality of the passenger. For all countries among European Union there is no need to have visa in advance. All travellers will get the visa for free once they enter UAE. The UAE visa has to be required before the entrance to the country by a sponsor for the visit. The sponsor normally applies for the UAE visa on your behalf. The validity of the UAE visa is different by the type.

Our Travel Agency Sinimar Tour is capable to do the UAE visa for most of countries in East Europe and also most of the countries in Asia. Unfortunately we are not able to submit visa for few countries as follows:

  • Yemen
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Palestina
  • Israel
  • Afghanistan
  • All African countries

The most common types of UAE visas:

Type Validity Length Extending Repeated entrance
Tourist visa 60 days 30 days no after 30 days*
Transit visa** 30 days 08 - 96 hours no immediately

* If the client doesn't stay longer than 16 days in UAE, the visa can be done again immediately
** Electronic ticket required, client must travel to third destination - the final destination is different then the origin one

Documents required to apply for UAE visa

With Sinimar Tour - we require only copy of your passport !!! - it's because we are official partner with the immigration and we are connected online to the immigration system. Since now not even one UAE visa application done by our travel agency was refused ! There are no legal rights to obtain the visa!

However, we recommend all applicants for visas to submit your request as far in advance especially during official holidays, when there could be delays in issuing visas!
Sinimar publish all holidays in the UAE is always a good time on your website and also on facebook.

Please take into consideration that to get visa is not automatic and each application is assessed by immigration authorities. When issuing visas, as in any country, there are no deadlines and Immigration Authorities may decide for some reason to investigate in detail the application or refuse a visa without giving any reason.

How does it work?

Normaly, you request through our website for visa online - order online at our website right banner. Fill out the form, insert a copy of your passport (opened passport on photo page) in a readable quality (please, size file up to 250 Kbps) and you order your UAE visa. Payment can be done either directly online by your credit card or by bank transfer to our account or PayPal link, which will be sent upon completion of order.

When I will get my visa to UAE?

UAE Visa processing normally takes 8 days. As already mentioned before, normaly we will submit issued visa to you by email 10 days before your planned entry into the United Arab Emirates.

What to do after receiving my visa

After issuing of your visa to the UAE will send copy of the visa to your e-mail address registered in the order. Please print one copy and insert it into your passport. You will be aked to present copy of your visa to airline on departure - without it they can refuse your check-in. Upon arrival in the UAE (Dubai or Abu Dhabi), present a copy of your visa to UAE immigration officer at the counter. He will immediately register your visa to UAE in the system Due to the bar code. You will get entry stamp to your passport and the procedure is completed.

Due to the large volume of passengers at Dubai’s airport terminals 1 and 3 we recommend Marhaba assistance service. You will be guided through the airport and the immigration process for a modest fee (families with children are advantageous). Otherwise, waiting time for immigration process may take more than 90 minutes! For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit Accommodation in Dubai for more information.

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