Oman is a country of great diversity and natural beauty. Until recent years, Oman has been largely overlooked by tourists. But it would be a mistake not to discover it.

Discover the beauty of Oman with us

Oman offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore and discover its wild nature.

An abundance of flora and fauna such as millions of migratory wading birds, entire unique marine ecosystems, endangered mammal species such as the Arabian Oryx leopard, seashells, magnificent coral reefs, countless endemic fish, whales, dolphins and turtles that nest here in numbers unmatched by any other country on the planet.

The government of Oman has long supported the development of tourism. Today's Oman has a modern infrastructure and is one of the safest places in the world. During your holiday, you can visit places that breathe centuries of history, unspoilt nature or enjoy traditional Omani hospitality in one of the luxury hotels on the shores of the Arabian Sea or the Gulf of Oman.

Basic information about Oman

  • Oman is a state located in southwest Asia on the Arabian Peninsula, off the coast of the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman
  • Oman is bordered by the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Saudi Arabia
  • The capital is the port city of Muscat
  • Currency: Omani rial - OMR
  • Oman is a sultanate, ruled by Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said
  • Sultan Qaboos bin Said died in 2020, he was the first cousin of the current Sultan Haitham, who ruled since 1970, a period of 50 years, under his rule the country flourished
  • The population is 5.23 million - 2021 (for comparison the population of the country is 10.69 million - 2021)
  • The land area in Oman is 309,500 square kilometers (in comparison the land area of the country is less than 79,000 square kilometers)
  • Oman is a country full of contrasts, where you will find beautiful beaches, fascinating mountain areas with local Wadis (water oases in the mountains), stunning red sand dunes and incredible green vegetation thanks to the monsoon in the south in the Salalah region
  • The main religion is Islam, but you can also find Hindus, Buddhists and Christians
  • Oman has a very long history so you can visit a large number of forts or castles dating back to the 7th century (Nizwa Fort, Bahla Fort, Muttrah Fort, Fort of Sohar, Ar Rustaq Fort, Nakhal Fort and many more)
  • Places of interest we recommend to visit
    • Bimmah Sinkhole - abyss with clear water
    • Wadi Bani Khalid - a wadi that is often referred to as an oasis in the mountains, it is a valley of intermittent water flow that occurs in arid areas, this wadi is in the mountains in the desert and unlike others, it basically never dries up, you will find many lagoons, a river, old irrigation systems, thick vegetation and caves
    • Sur - a small town on the east coast of Oman with a long history dating back to the 6th century, which is mainly interesting for the production of traditional dhows (traditional Arab sailing boats), which are mainly made from palm wood
    • The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque - a magnificent sandstone mosque in the capital city of Muscat is sure to amaze you, carved by water jet, with magnificent chandeliers and decorations and an even more impressive extensive garden
    • Friday Cattle Market in Nizwa - as the name suggests, this traditional cattle market can be seen every Friday in the former capital of Nizwa
    • Ras Al Jinz Turtle Beach - this is a beach where you can go to see the giant turtles, the best part is to stay overnight on the beach and watch the turtles lay eggs or hatch at night, it's a truly extraordinary experience
    • Muttrah Souq - the traditional market in Muscat is definitely a must
    • Musandam - is an area at the very northern tip of Oman that is completely separate from Oman and lies above the United Arab Emirates
    • Jebel Akhdar - a mountain range with many opportunities for hiking, the highest point being Jebel Shams
    • Wahiba Sands - beautiful red desert dunes with a nighttime arch like you've never seen before, stay overnight in a traditional campsite with a campfire and locals and enjoy traditional coffee and dried dates
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