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Flora and fauna (biota) of the UAE


Clean sea water washing upon the shores of UAE hide very varied and colorful underwater world. So many tourists use the opportunity to dive, or participating in expeditions to observe the dolphins and whales. Regarding the terrestrial animal, a symbol of the Arab world is certainly a camel, which has a solid place in the everyday life of the Arabs.

In the UAE are hold the traditional camel racing and even a camel beauty contest, such as is organized in Emirate of Abu Dhabi and huge financial reward or very valuable gifts are waiting for the owner of the most beautiful camels. In addition to camels and common domestic animals in the UAE, there are also interesting species of protected animals that can survive in the desert and in daylight are difficult to see.In the desert lives for example special kind of desert bird reminding of a hen, Chlamydotis undulata, rare species of steppe bob cat - karakal, or Gordon’s desert wild cat.

As for feline beasts In UAE there is also Arabian leopard. UAE is also home to the Arabian wolf, striped hyena and wild goats called Arabian tahr. You can see it for instance in the territory of Sharjah Emirate.


Although much of the UAE is covered with sandy deserts, there are interesting species of flora and fauna, some of whom live right in the desert. Greens is typical for the oasis and for the area with greatest vegetations is considered the fertile Emirate of Ras Al- Khaimah. Typical, though exotic plants for us in the UAE are date,banana and coconut palms,papaya and citrus well.

The most important plant for the local population in terms of livelihood is undoubtedly the date palm, whose cultivation has a long-standing tradition in the UAE. In addition to delicious fruits are also used their leafs to various items for domestic use and as feed for domestic animals. The seeds are pressed for the palm oil and trunks are used for building houses. Archaic appearance has tree called Ghaf, whose roots looks for water up to 80 meters deep under the earth. You can also bump in the Gafas bush, which are decorated with yellow spring flowers, the desert hyacinths, and common are also acacia vegetation.

Individual Emirate boast with a variety of natural attractions. Immerse yourself in the shadow of the oldest mangroves w in the territory of Arabia, spread over the bay Khor Kalba, in the Emirate of Fujairah,the crowns of the mangroves are paradise for birds.

Even the lifeless desert nature in the UAE provides a wonderful spectacle in the form of sand dunes, coloring of dunes changes according to different places in each Emirate. Emirate of Sharjah include Sharjah Desert Park, where protected species of fauna and flora live, contains also the Zoo, museum, the breeding station for endangered species of animals and plants or flower garden. In contrast to the dunes are the greens in Liwa oasis, located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the other natural attraction is the Sulphur lake Al Fayda, although it’s not suitable for swimming, but certainly it ‘s worth to see.

Swimming in natural mineral springs you can enjoy in hot waterfalls Khatt in the Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah.

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