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Healthcare and health in the UAE

Read about the health risks of staying in the UAE.

Weather and climate in the UAE

Read about the weather and climate typical of the United Arab Emirates.

Important contacts in the UAE

Contacts and links that may come in handy during your trip in the United Arab Emirates.

What do you need to enter the UAE?

This article will explain the entry formalities required to enter the United Arab Emirates.

What clothing is appropriate for a stay in the UAE - Dress code?

Read about how to dress in the UAE (Dubai) to avoid embarrassment.

Where to go on a trip in the UAE

Various tips for trips and expeditions in the UAE.

Beaches in the Emirates

Tips for activities and beaches in the Emirates.

Sports experiences in the Emirates

For the athlete who wants to enjoy their holiday from more than just the beach.

UAE - currency, prices and purchases

If you're wondering what it's like in the UAE with currency and shopping.

History of the United Arab Emirates

Learn more about the history of the United Arab Emirates.

Places of interest in the UAE

Tips on interesting places in the UAE to make your holiday more interesting.

Holidays in the Emirates

Check if there are any public holidays during your holiday in the Emirates.

Fauna and flora in the UAE

Get to know the animals living and plants growing in the territory of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Metro

Read the basics about Dubai Metro.
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