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Published: 20.10.2021

Health risks

There are no significant health risks in the Emirates. However, caution pays off when in the sun, which is very harsh in these countries, even in areas with higher airflow. The breeze cools the body and so careful protection is easily forgotten. Protect your body with high SPF sunscreens and use headwear and good quality sunglasses.

  • Make sure you follow a thorough drinking regime in the UAE.
  • Health problems could also be caused by frequent transitions from highly air-conditioned areas to the outdoors, where temperatures vary extremely, especially in summer. It is advisable not to set the air conditioning in hotel rooms to excessively low temperatures.
  • Caution is also advisable outside the city, where animals such as snakes and scorpions may be present, or when swimming in the sea, when it is not advisable to touch unfamiliar marine animals that may burn or otherwise injure you if you touch them.
  • As far as hygiene is concerned, you don't have to worry about contracting diseases from food and drink in the UAE. The quality of food is very high, generally much higher than in the country.
  • However, bottled water for drinking is recommended outside the cities.
  • Vaccinations are only recommended, against viral hepatitis A and B, typhoid, tetanus and rabies. If you opt for any of the recommended vaccinations, they must be given at least 8 weeks before departure to the UAE. However, it is not strictly necessary.You can consult your doctor or directly at one of the vaccination centres in the country.
  • In the event of health complications in the UAE, quality private medical facilities are available to you, which are prevalent here.
  • Medical care for citizens of the Czech Republic is not free and prices for treatment are quite high.
  • Remember to ensure you have good quality travel insurance. You will pay about AED 100 for a routine check-up in private clinics, and the price depends on the medical procedures performed and the medication prescribed
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