Weather and climate in the UAE

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Published: 20.10.2021

The UAE has a tropical, dry climate and summer temperatures can reach up to 50o C. Ideal air and water temperatures in the UAE are spring months of March to May and autumn months of October to December, when temperatures do not reach extremes and are ideal (around 30 degrees) for spending days at the beach and exploring the cities of the UAE. Besides, there are many interesting events taking place during this time.

Due to the great interest of tourists in these dates, hotel prices in the UAE are at their peak during these periods.

In summer, the humidity is higher and also increases with the temperatures towards the south. In the interior and desert areas, the humidity is not as high and so temperatures seem more bearable. On the east coast of the UAE and in the mountainous areas, the climate is generally more pleasant due to more airflow.
Hotel prices in the low season are very reasonable and it is no exception that you can get deals up to 60% lower at 5* hotels in the UAE. The summer season starts for hotels in the second half of May and ends at the end of September. So, if you don't mind the higher temperatures, you can take advantage of the great offers at most hotels throughout the Emirates.

The pleasant breeze does cool the body down, but don't forget the high UV factor sunscreens as the intensity of the sun's rays is very high. You should also avoid frequent abrupt transitions out of air-conditioned areas.

Precipitation is scarce in the area and is highest in the winter, when the temperature is around 20 degrees. In the desert, however, temperatures often drop below freezing.