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Published: 20.10.2021

Sports activities in the Emirates

For sporting activities, the UAE is a true paradise. There are many traditional and non-traditional sports to choose from in the UAE, which are facilitated by both hotels and private agencies. The UAE's beachfront hotels provide great facilities for a variety of water sports such as surfing, water skiing, sailing and motor boating. Scuba diving is very popular as the underwater world here hides a real treasure.

Traditional sports

Traditional sports and activities in the UAE are camel racing or falconry. You can try camel riding for yourself in the UAE. This activity is widely available for tourists. Golf is also popular among foreigners, which has excellent conditions here and, for example, Dubai hosts the prestigious Desert Classing PGA tournament of elite golfers. A top golf course can be seen in Dubai and was designed by American architect Karl Litten. The adjacent building, which houses the golf and yacht club, is also very striking, and its prominent feature is three giant concrete sailing ships rising to the sky. Yachting is another very popular sport in the UAE.


Exotic sports in the Emirates

Among the truly exotic sports for foreigners is undoubtedly sand skiing. Enthusiasts ski down dunes as high as 50 metres on a single ski, which can sometimes be quite dangerous, just like skiing on snow. And because almost anything is possible in the Emirates, you can enjoy the snow and winter fun at Dubai's covered winter resort in the Mall of Emirates. You'll also find ice skating tracks, "Ice Rinks", in UAE hotels and theme parks.

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