Fauna and flora of the Maldives

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Published: 03.11.2021


The Maldives is renowned for its rich underwater life. But that doesn't mean we don't see any animals on land. A very common mammal on the islands is the Maldivian fruit bat. The fruit bat is closely related to the bat, with a wingspan of up to 1.5 metres. This nocturnal animal is one of the largest fliers in the world and usually weighs around 2 kg.

Lizards and snakes also live in the Maldives. The most common lizards living on the islands are agamas and geckos. Other common animals include crabs,lobsters or turtles, which can be found on the beautiful sandy beaches. In the interior of the islands, you can occasionally see crocodiles, and only during the monsoon season.
Domestic animals on the islands include cats, dogs, chickens and rabbits. Sometimes the locals keep goats, but you won't find cows here. 


Most of the islands of the Maldives have largely sandy soil. Mangroves, banyans or bamboos thrive here. You may find coconut palms or tropical lianas. Bananas, sweet potatoes, millet or watermelon are grown here. On the larger islands, which have higher humidity, there are also smaller areas of rainforest.

Underwater life

The marine life on the islands is very diverse, with around 700 species of fish. The Maldives is ideal for snorkelling, with beautifully coloured corals, various species of starfish and crustaceans. Anemones and jellyfish are among the rich underwater life.