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Currency, prices and shopping (spending) in the UA


UAE currency is emirate Dirham (AED), one dirham has 100 fils.Banknotes has these values:5,10,20,50,100,200,500, and 1000 dirhams and coins in values 1 dirham or 50,25,10 and 5 fils.

You can use UAE banks to exchange your cash, but better is to do so in exchange offices, where you don’t pay fees.

The possibility of exchange cash offers also most of the hotels of UAE. You can pick up your money from cash machine (ATM) as well with small fee. Preferred payment is by credit card, commonly used are MasterCard, Visa or AmericanExpress. Banks and other state institutions in the UAE are open from Sunday to Thursday and for the public are visiting hours from 9 a.m. until about 1 p.m. For state companies, local government and education system are days off Friday and Saturday from 1.9.2006, so the working week in the UAE is from Sunday to Thursday.

In UAE shops is available anything you wish and shops are open until late night hours.American slogan "Shop till you drop"- it’s really justified here. There’s is available all goods that come to world market. Thanks to the low taxes and low transport costs are UAE the real shopping paradise and many visitors from all over the world come here just for this purpose. The main shopping centers are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al-Ain. Shopping is very comfortable even during hot summer months because shopping malls are well air-conditioned, they produce many cultural programs as well. So people visit shopping malls not just for shopping, but also for personal appointments and to have a fun. Extraordinary cheap are duty free shops at the airports of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and offers varied range of goods.


Supermarkets are open usually from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. On Friday,which is day off, most of the shops open at 2 p.m. Shops tend to have lunch break from 1 p.m at least to 4 p.m. After lunch break they are open till late night hours. During Ramadan, the sales period is extended until one o’clock in the morning.

Every year in winter in Dubai takes place Dubai Shopping Festival, at the same time, prestigious golf tournament Desert Classing PGA is organized, as well as horserace Dubai World Cup and many others attractive events such as Dubai Jazz Festival. At this time shops and stores attract visitors with 70 percent discount and achieve an incredible turnover. The Shopping Festival is aimed at all segments of the population, and many events such as street fireworks, programs for children and others are completely free. Goods typical pro local culture, popular as souvenirs, can be found for example on the marketplaces - Souq.

The most famous market-Souq al-Arsah, with a variety of goods, is located in the Emirate Sharjah. All kinds of spices, Beduin jewelry with beautiful ornamental decoration, handwoven carpets are produced here with the ancient tradition and typical seasonings like widely grown woodpeckers or one of the best caviars in the world you can find only here. Very popular are hand-made coffee pots Dalla in various sizes and processing, richly decorated metal plates or traditional Arab dress, white coat Kandura. Water pipe with their scented tobacco allows you to enjoy the exotic atmosphere of the UAE even at home and your friends will be surely pleased with any souvenir with camel motive a typical feature of these countries. Magnificent spectacle offers Dubai Gold Soaq, where you can admire and buy jewelry and other products made from gold and precious metals.

Even if you don’t wont to buy anything here, it’s worth it to just enjoy "golden" atmosphere. Along the main street in Dubai are located up to 200 jewelry shops with diversified design. During the months of Shopping Festival are prices of gold incredibly low and you can buy it without any scruples. On the markets of the UAE is very common bargaining and you can improved the price of goods by haggling up to 50 percent.


Prices of accommodation in UAE are rather high compered to conditions in our country, which is mainly due to the great luxury of many hotel’s accommodation complexes. Most of the UAE hotels are 4 to 5 stars and offers unbelievable comfort and luxury. Huge discounts are submit mainly in hot summer months and in the months of Ramadan, when the amount of tourists is lower.

The most expensive accommodation throughout the country is in Dubai, where the price for single room is ranging from 600AED per night and 700AED for double room. Prices in UAE cheapest hotels are ranging around 70-80AED for single room per night and 100-120 AED for double room.

The cheapest ones are hostels, where you can stay for the price of 15-35 AED per night, but you can use this opportunity just in case you own Hosteling International Card or pay annual membership fee directly in one of the hostels.

Even if there’s no official camp in UAE, camping on the beach or in the desert can be done without difficulties.

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