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There is no better way to see this city full of contradictions and miracles! The fastest growing city in the world you at every step amaze and enchant something new. Join us on this fascinating journey of expansion and development of the multicultural metropolis.

Our first stop will be the sales office developers and construction companies 'Nakheel', developers are a fascinating artificial island Palm. See up close the scale models of this amazing project, unofficially named "The Eighth Wonder of the World". Then we move on Palm Jumeirah, which is a very prestigious area, a place to still be one involving the Jumeirah Beach Residences - Luxury villas and houses, and also the largest man-made harbor in the world. We will continue to Emirates Hills, which boasts lavish villas and residence, nestled between the parks and lakes. It is located here also class Montgomerie Golf Course.

We head further along the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Arabian marketplace, where we suddenly come to life before the eyes of history and heritage of the region. Our last stop will be the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East - Ski Dubai, located in the largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall. Here you can ski, snowboarding, sledding or just playing in the snow, all year round

Price: 86 USD  [person/trip]
Recomended by Sinimar
Dubai is a city where every step you find something interesting and new , perfectly combines old and modern. There is no doubt that Dubai is the most visited tourist destinations in the Middle East. It is a city of ages, which grew out of the desert and its presence decorate the coast of the Arabian Gulf.

Our journey takes us to the best known and most famous places of Dubai such as Dubai Creek - water artery, dividing the old Dubai and a new part. See Bastakia district, where you will take the old houses with wind towers (Wind Towered Houses), built by wealthy merchants. Furthermore, we will stop in 180 year old Al Fahidi Fort, which is located Dubai Museum, which is mapped the history of this rapidly flourishing Emirate. Abra water taxi will then sail across Dubai Creek, and there awaits us walk through the spice market (Spice Souk) and then the Golden Market (Gold Souk). On our way to the most luxury tour is held in the world, the Burj Al Arab will do photo stop beside the Jumeirah Mosque - a major architectural landmarks in Dubai.
The most advanced point for our excursions is tasting the delicate cuisine in the Hotel Burj Al Arab.

Price: 152 USD  [person/trip]
Use this opportunity and enjoy our new Tour - Dubai's Top 5 Tour! This tour begins in Saga World Dubai Mall, which is a stand-alone shopping center which is usually compared rather to the museum because it offers all the object that have been made by human hands. You can choose anything from luxury fabrics, carpets, jewelry, furniture, paintings etc. Only highly qualified employees work here so if you need any additional inforamtion, they will be happy to assist you. The journey will then continue on a traditional dhow which sails around Mina Seyhai Lagoon and around Dubai Marina, the biggest man-made harbor. This area is also often called "city within a city". We will continue our journey to the largest man-made island The Palm Jumeirah where we will take short break in front of a luxury hotel Atlantis the Palm where you may take pictures. You will aslo have the opportunity to visit one of the most famous markets in the UAE - Souk Al Bahar (Sailor's Market). Located in the heart of Dubai Downtown, easily accessible through stunning modern shopping center Dubai Mall. Souk Al Bahar transmits its visitors into the world of ancient Arabic heritage and community. There are over 100 of shops, 22 restaurants, cafes and lounges. This amazing market is located along the promenade ovelooking the majestic Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa. Then we will visit the famous platform At the Top in the highest building in the world where you can see the whole Dubai. The entire tour will conclude with a buffet dinner in Armani Hotel with panoramic views of the singing and dancing fountain.

Price: 142 USD  [Person]
Discover with us the magic of Arabian jewelry, as is oftencalled the Abu Dhabi! On our way ride around the port ofJebel Ali Port, the largest man-made harbor in the world.
Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE capital and emirate ofthe same name. It has 1.5 million inhabitants. He has acheckered past, including the period when it was a refuge of pirates. From 60 to 20 years century the city underwent a dizzying transformation into a modern resort with wideboulevards and tall buildings. Abu Dhabi is one of the world's largest oil producers.
Our first destination on our journey to the Centre forWomen's Crafts - Women's Handicraft Center. Here you canadmire the amazing dexterity skills of local women intraditional crafts. This center was established to provideemployment opportunities for women in the region and also serves to preserve and protect cultural heritage. Then we will continue well maintained roads surrounded by greentrees and vast parks, when we get to the oldest building in Abu Dhabi - Al Hosni Palace, built in the 18th Wed, we visitthe third largest mosque in the world - the Grand Mosque,which will enchant you with its grandeur and splendor. In addition, visit the Foundation for Culture in the heart of the city next to Union Square, which is decorated with symbolicmotifs inspired by the national customs. Then you ride along the Corniche, visit the Heritage Village, specially builtSheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, as a remembrance for the younger generation. You will also have the opportunityto enjoy shopping in Abu Dhabi Marina Mall and eat at local restaurants.

Price: 60 USD  [person/trip]
Dubai, the capital of the Emirate of the same name, is the second largest emirate in the UAE after Abu Dhabi and is also the most populous. It lies on the Arabian peninsula in the Persian Gulf. Ruler of Dubai is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He is also Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE. Almost all economic, social, cultural and political life of the Emirate of Dubai is lokating in Dubai. The city is divided into two parts - Deira and Bur Dubai.

Dubai City Tour will begin by visitng of several sites, we make a stop in such a beautiful mosque - Jumeirah Mosque and then we head for a ride around the Bay of Dubai Creek, which is the artery of the city.

Then we take a stroll through the narrow streets of the historic Bastakiya with its beautifully renovated old buildings and then visit the fortress of Al Fahidi Fort, which is located Dubai Museum .
We will sail by Abra (water taxi) across the bay and will continue to explore Dubai's traditional markets, where you can absorb smell of spices, herbs and incense. Our trip ends with a walk on the Gold Market (Gold Souk), where your jewelry shiny from all sides. How could you resist?

Price: 23 USD  [person/trip]
Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the residence of the Federal National Council. One of the world’s largest producers of oil, Abu Dhabi, has actively attempted to diversify its economy in recent years through investments in financial services and tourism. Your journey begins in Dubai, where you will travel past the world’s largest man made port at Jebel Ali and onward for the two–hour drive to Abu Dhabi. You will be mesmerised by the grandness of the new additions to Abu Dhabi’s skyline, as well as the majestic Grand Mosque, which is one of the largest mosques in the world. You will then be driven through the heart of the city where you can see the famous Union Square, that houses symbolic themes inspired by the customs of the country. After a drive along the Corniche, you will visit the Heritage Village, specially designed by late HH Sheikh Zayed Ben Sultan al Nahyan, as a reminder of the past for the younger generation. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy shopping at Abu Dhabi Marina Mall, home to a large array of luxury boutiques and souvenir stores. Lunch at one of the most luxurious and unique hotels in the world, Emirates Palace, will add the finishing touch to your day.

Price: 149 USD  [osoba/výlet]
Emirate of Sharjah is just 20 minutes from Dubai. Currently considered one of most culture cities in the Middle East. Here you will find plenty of elegant mosques and museums with unique works of art. You will see a beautifully restored houses in traditional style, vibrant color markets with its wealth of all kinds of goods from spices, fruits and fish to clothing and carpets, all combine to give this place a magical atmosphere directly. Our journey will end at the famous market Souk Al Arsah where you can admire the beautiful products of gold, traditional art and local specialities and typical Arabic architecture, with hundreds of shops, and then return to Dubai.

Price: 79 USD  [person/trip]
On our way to the East Coast ride Al Dhaid agricultural areas. Terrain here changes from colorful desert landscape to spectacular mountain scenery. The coast is dotted with small fishing villages, visit the old village of Dibba, a strategically important location with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Further along the coast we come to the oldest mosque in the Emirates - Al Bidyah Mosque which was built in the 15th century.
The way we will further Khorfakhan port cities of Fujairah and along the mountain ruins, where he previously worked highlanders and then get up to 300 years old Fort of Fujairah and the nearby Bithnah Oasis.
Before we return to Dubai, you can buy beautiful pottery or rugs on the "Friday Market". Finally, you can refresh yourself in the sea and then enjoy a delicious lunch.

Price: 59 USD  [person/trip]
This charming desert oasis was originally known as a stop on a caravan trail but today it is a university city and an agricultural centre. Known as the ‘Garden City’, Al Ain is the second-largest city within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Your tour begins at Hili Gardens to view archaeological digs which date back more than 5000 years. You will then proceed to Al Ain Palace Museum, an old fortress which was the Residence of the late ruler Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan to feast your eyes on interesting displays, including a collection of family portraits offer an insight into the way the royal family lived and entertained. Next, you proceed to Al Ain National Museum which provides an overview of the country’s traditions and culture. Later you will have the pleasure to see camels up close. These unique animals have been accompanying the Bedouins along the years, but today, they are of immense social and economic value in the region as well as a dependable source of food and milk. Before returning to Dubai, you can stop at Jahili Fort, where various exhibitions are often hosted, to take in the photography collection of the famous explorer Wilfred Thesiger, who lived amongst the local Bedouin tribes between 1946 and 1947.

Price: 59 USD  [person/trip]
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