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Desert trips, Desert safari

The dune buggy tour is an amazing thrill ride. But this is more than just a thrill ride: the gigantic sand dunes are beautiful, surreal and mesmerizing. A tour into the desert feels like an “out of this world” experience, almost like visiting the surface of another planet. There are two types of buggies, Polaris and Rage. Both are very powerful machines. They are always two-digit. One buggy with the instructor will go and you will be the first to show you the best way not to turn around.

It will go according to your possibilities and requirements. It's definitely not a slow ride. On the way, you stop at the camel farm, where you can alternate in driving if you drive in two.

A place to go to the buggies is deep in the desert, 65km from Dubai and 30km from Hatty. You can take a taxi to our place, or arrange a transfer for a whole day (12 hours), when you can take advantage of the possibility to go to eg Hatty.

Price: 252 USD  [buggy for 2 persons]
Our Desert Safaris will give you the opportunity to enjoy the golden sand dunes from other sites, during extreme riding in jeep. Experienced drivers will take a ride, on which you so easily forget. You make a stop on the highest dunes that you enjoy and take pictures of unrivaled sunset that stained reddish sand dunes.

After a short rest and refreshments will continue in a Bedouin camp, where he is waiting for you evening program with excellent traditional Arab dinner.

You can try henna painting, camel riding, sheesha, belly dance with the dancers, or get carried away by dancing dervishes.

Price: 69 USD  [person/trip]
Desert Safati will give you opportunity to enjoy gold sand dunes and enjoy the ride in Jeep. Experienced drivers will take you to unforgetable ride. We will stop on the biggest dunes and wait for the sunset which is amazing in the desert. After short rest we will head towards the beduin camp where we have ready for you evening show with traditional arabic dinner. You can try henna tattoo, camel riding, shisha (water pipe) or dance with belly dancers. After that we will stay in the camp during the night. You will sleep on the traditonal beds made of straw as real beduins. In the morning you will enjoy arabic breakfast and we will take you back to your hotel.

Price: 84 USD  [person/trip]
Experience an unforgettable experience in an unusual combination: a huge expanse of desert and comfort first "open air" restaurant in the Arab region.
Restaurant Al Hadheerah in Bab Al Shams Complex Hotel & Resort offers an amazing dining experience! Serves traditional Arabic cuisine of several courses, and throughout the evening you will enjoy a belly dancer, you can get henna tattoo, listen to live traditional Arabic music with folkloric dance or watch shows with trained falcons.
This dinner is held every day, takes about 3 hours. The minimum number of people are two to be ordered ahead.
In this cultural and culinary experience will certainly never forget.

Price: 168 USD  [person/day]
Get ready for a morning trip of excitement and magic, as our experienced safari drivers take you away from the busy city into a thrilling journey over the sand dunes deep inside the Dubai desert. You will stop at the camp site to enjoy some refreshments and perhaps for some of you to enjoy a camel ride. You will also have the opportunity to try one of the world’s newest and most exciting sports – sand boarding! Strap on your sand board, take a deep breath and rush down the golden sands of the desert. You will return to the city around noon to enjoy the rest of your day refreshed and full of stories to tell.

Price: 45 USD  [per person]
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